I'm Morgan, and I love to make things better than I found them.


I'm Morgan, and I love to make things better than I found them.

My first AWS lambda

Here's what I did to write my first AWS lambda!



I decided I wanted to build a lambda that texts me with a reminder message every afternoon at 2pm. As far as I could tell, this involved three main things: specifying the message, specifying the time of day, and sending the message to my phone.

I logged into my AWS account and in the Lambda service, I created a new lamda function and filled out a few things:

  • I chose the 'Author from scratch' option

  • Function name

  • Runtime code (Python 3.6!)

  • Role: I already had one as part of my AWS training course, so I used that existing one.

On the Lambda Manager page, two main sections stood out:

  • Designer: looks like this is for setting up a trigger for the lambda

  • Function code: this is where I entered the python code

    • There was some code pre-filled in here, which I promptly deleted. My first mistake!

  • There were a few other options at the bottom of the page but I never needed to use those.

I started with the Function code section because I wanted to get it over with. I had heard (I think from the cloud guru course?) that boto was a package that would be helpful for this kind of thing, so I started with the boto documentation here. Then I went down a rabbit hole:

And then, after some number of attempts, I wrote this code:

import boto3

def lambda_handler(event, context):

    client = boto3.client('sns')

    response = client.publish(
    TopicArn= '<ARN maps to Morgan's phone number>',
    Message= '<My message>'

My code didn't work at first because I'd deleted this line of code: "def lambda_handler(event, context):". Frankly, I'm still not sure what that bit does. I added it back in, and it worked. I'll figure that out later!

I needed to create an SNS topic in AWS in order to to get the TopicArn, which is a long string that maps to my cell phone number. I set that up in the SNS Service in AWS. Word to the wise: the Display Name of the SNS topic shows up at the start of the message that's sent.

So I had the message and phone connection handled, and next I needed to make this message send at 2pm every day. I knew, through my AWS training, that I'd use the Trigger feature here, which is in the Designer section of the lambda manager. I eventually honed in on the Cloudwatch Event trigger, which runs the lambda on a schedule (more documentation in the Lambda FAQs here). There were two semi-frustrating things about setting this up:

  • Figuring out the cron expression format. (I used this Stack Overflow page)

  • The stray question-mark that needed to for some reason be in the middle of the cron expression. (Per this)

But I got it! The Cron expression I went with was:

cron(0 19 ? * * *)

So once I set up the lambda trigger, I had a working lambda that would send me a text reminder every day at 2pm! In the future, I might build on this lambda by sending a different message on different days of the week, or sending a photo or something. This felt like a good start.

Resources used:

Lessons learned:

  • There are quite a few Lambda trigger options that seem interesting and worth exploring.

  • Stack Overflow might end up being helpful to me?

  • Don't forget the <def lambda_handler(event, context):> code at the beginning of the lambda!

  • There are several ways of accomplishing the same thing.

  • I still don't really understand how github works. I opened the boto3 github page and I find it pretty overwhelming.

  • A lot of rules about software coding are based on the preferences of the person who wrote the coding language/function/whatever, which is why they might seem arbitrary to me but meaningful to someone else. (That, or, I just don't get it yet.)

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