Learning: How to use a Public API

I'm a YNAB power user, and I'd like to create an app that will send me a message when I've exceeded spending in certain categories. I have a set "fun money" I allocate for myself and I want to make sure I'm enjoying every single dollar available.

I'm so excited to see that YNAB has great documentation of their public API.  Including examples galore of how to use their endpoints.

Here's my plan:

  • Read through the YNAB documentation
  • Write out some specs for what my app will do
  • Write the "get info from YNAB" part of the code
  • Write the "send text message" part of the code
  • Test the thing out!

Let's see how it goes!

Ideas for how I can iterate on this basic app idea:

  • Get a Raspberry Pi with a screen that shows an updated amount left in categories of interest.
  • Send me a monthly e-mail with a summary of what my "fun money" allowance is. (It fluctuates monthly)


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