Making time for: Week of April 9

I don't think I'm alone in being challenged to make time for projects that are personally compelling but non-urgent and not required for work. I think it's partly due to my rebel personality type, but mostly due to energy and time management. So here's my plan for this week! It's totally possible that the fact that I'm writing this down will make me resistant to actually following through, but we'll see. 


AWS. I need to look into options for work-sponsored trainings. I believe we're getting a corporate account for A Cloud Guru, but I need to set that up. 

When I'll do it: Tuesday at work.

Python. I'll work through these chapters in Python for Kids:

  • Ch. 8: Classes and objects
  • Ch. 9: Python's built-in functions
  • Ch. 10: Useful Python modules
  • Ch. 11: Turtle graphics 
  • Ch. 12: Tkinkter graphics

When I'll do it: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday over lunch. 

App idea. I'm working on an app idea and this week it would be nice to document some meeting notes and share them with my collaborators. 

When I'll do it: This weekend

Assumptions I make about unfamiliar tech concepts

Making: My first AWS Lambda

Making: My first AWS Lambda